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Phil Plummer has had an extensive career of service to the people of Montgomery County.  He joined the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in 1988 where he began his career as a corrections officer.  As a corrections officer he was responsible for the supervision, security and safety of the prisoners in his charge.  It wasn’t long before Phil was later promoted to the position of deputy sheriff where he worked as  patrol deputy.  Once being promoted to the rank of Sergeant, he held assignment as a supervisor in the Communication Center and the Road Patrol section.  Phil also had the distinct honor of serving as the SWAT Team Commander for a period of time.



In November of 2000, he was promoted to the rank of Major and assumed command of the Operations Division and in January 2004, he was placed in charge of Personnel Office where he was responsible for human resources and labor relations.  Just one short year later in March 2005, he was again promoted to the high rank of Chief Deputy (Second in Command).  On July 7th, 2008 Phil Plummer was gratefully appointed as Sheriff of Montgomery County.

Sheriff Plummer has not only worked in Montgomery County, but also grew up here.  He is a proud graduate of Chaminade Julienne High School. After high school, Phil furthered his education and earned an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Toledo and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.  Sheriff Plummer also brings unique experience to his office with executive training from The FBI National Academy, The FBI National Executive Institute, and the Secret Service Executive Leadership Academy. 

While working as Sheriff of Montgomery County, he has been able help protect and serve people all across the County. His call for public service has only expanded with time.  As State Representative, Phil Plummer is able to broaden his sphere of influence to help not only the people of Montgomery County, but people all over the state of Ohio. Please join us in voting for Phil Plummer for State Representative and allow him further his service for the public.            



Resolving Ohio's Fight Against Drug Addiction


As Sheriff of Montgomery County, I have seen first hand the devastating effects of drug addiction.  Drug addiction does not only affect drug users, it often affects families and entire communities.  We need to take action to protect our families and communities from this disease that has so violently spread.  We need to make a stand and help individuals that require the means to end addictive behavior.  It is our job to help our communities thrive.  This cannot be achieved when families are being destroyed by destructive behaviors.  It is up to each and every one of us to combat this crisis together.  Families are helping loved ones fight through addiction.  Law enforcement is prosecuting individuals that flood the streets with dangerous and highly addictive narcotics.  Legislators are enacting laws to punish criminals and help good people suffering from poor choices.



Removing Burdensome and Stifling Regulations on Ohio Businesses


Owning and operating a business is a highly respected, yet extremely difficult career decision.  Business owners often offer up their life savings in the hope of starting their own business.  Markets change, employees come and go, and sometimes things just go awry.  Owning a business is difficult.  Having burdensome regulations strangle businesses doesn't make owning and operating a business any easier.  Businesses should be allowed to thrive.  Legislators need to encourage people to start their own businesses and not punish them with unnecessary regulations.    



Allowing Ohio Schools the Freedom and Resources to Educate Their Students Effectively


I have no doubt that politicians and bureaucrats at the state level have had good intentions when initiating educational reforms.  However, our children and teachers are suffering from these decisions.  Giving control of education back to the individual school districts allows for teachers and administrators to teach their children in the most effective ways possible.  Cutting back on state testing and regulations will give teachers the time and freedom to focus on students and help them succeed.   



Improving and Rebuilding an Aging Infrastructure System


Infrastructure in the U.S. scored a D+ on the most recent report card by the American Society of Civil Engineers.  Roads and bridges throughout Ohio are in need of repair.  Millions of commuters travel Ohio roads every day for work and recreation.  It is time we give our infrastructure the attention it needs.  



Protecting Ohioans Constitutional Rights


Owning a firearm is a constitutional right guaranteed to every citizen.  Recent political turmoil has called many Americans to question this civil liberty.  It is up to all responsible gun-owning Americans to be fully educated on the proper techniques to operate and handle firearms safely.  This means properly securing firearms and educating anyone and everyone in an armed household to appropriately fear and respect firearms.  I support our 2nd Amendment and will fight to make sure that right is not infringed upon.



Preserving and Defending the Right to Life


Every American deserves the opportunity to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  That is why Phil Plummer will fight to protect innocent life.  It is up to all of us to protect the lives of the unborn.  That means fighting for children from conception to the time of birth.  Phil will continuously work to make sure your tax dollars are not funding Abortions in Ohio.  



"Today, I had the honor of swearing in my youngest son Lyle. He is now a Second Lieutenant with the U.S Air Force. Very Proud."

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